Not A Game For Girls - Spotlight Drama Live

25 June to 29 June
At Spotlight Theatre

Not A Game For Girls

Spotlight Drama Live

Directed by Joan Sanders Spotlight's in-house drama company brings you the moving and inspiring story of Dick Kerr's Ladies.

With no men's football to entertain a war-weary nation women's teams sprang up across the country with the Dick Kerr's Ladies, formed in 1917, becoming the most famous.

Attracting crowds of over 50,000 they became so popular the Football Association tried to ban them.

Over one hundred years later it is time their story was told.

This charming play deserves the attention of as many people as possible, principally owing to the timeless humanity of the story, because it doesn't matter if you like football or not; in fact, it's likely to kindle an interest in football that was never there before! Such is the power of the story re-told by Benjamin Peel.