Observational Drawing (Seeing Usefully) Malcolm Cudmore (Artwaves 19)

23 June only
This half day workshop is aimed at encouraging you to draw anything and everything - in fact, whatever is in front of you at the time!

Observational Drawing (Seeing Usefully)

Malcolm Cudmore

Workshop Description
This half day workshop is aimed at encouraging you to draw anything and everything – in fact, whatever is in front of you at the time!

Observational drawing could cover anything from a quick gesture sketch to a finished, detailed drawing. There is nothing between your eyes and your drawing. In this workshop, we will not be copying from a photo or screen (although there is nothing wrong with doing either!). With observational drawing, we are learning to see usefully in order to make marks on paper that express what we see or feel about the subject. Malcolm will concentrate on drawing and sketching people going about their everyday lives. We'll look at scale, perspective, viewpoint and composition as well as specific techniques for using pencils, pens and other drawing media.

This is a practical workshop – bring a few regular drawing pencils and a sketchbook. There will be useful exercises aimed at building up your live drawing confidence and skills. We'll draw each other and ourselves. Malcolm will encourage you to see and think in shapes and values in order to make rapid marks that capture gesture and character. You'll do lots of drawing! And we'll have fun!

We will include some sketching of visitors to ArtWaves and, weather permitting, may even include drawing in the immediate vicinity of the Spa buildings. Tea and coffee is available at the cafe in the Spa. Alternatively, bring a drink or flask to the workshop.

About The Artist
Malcolm returned seriously to art in the late 1990s after a varied career path (including musician, community artist, actor, arts administrator and consultant, sign maker and, finally, professional magician since 1989!).

Starting with adult evening classes and then a part time Foundation Course at Stafford College. He stayed here to complete a two year Fine Art HND (Distinction). Following this, he was asked to be the college's resident Fine Art practitioner and, later, a sessional tutor.

Although he still works as an entertainer from time to time, he is concentrating on his work as an artist. He describes himself as, 'a figurative artist who aims to work (where possible) from direct observation. I paint in oils and draw in pastels, charcoal and coloured pencils. Occasionally, I stray into three dimensions with small sculptures and handmade boxes.'

What you need to bring with you
  • Drawing pencils (at least one 2B drawing pencil)
  • Sketchbook

Malcolm will have some drawing boards, paper, pencils and sharpeners available for visitors without their own materials.

Please come to the foyer area of the Spa fifteen minutes before the workshop start time to help the ArtWaves Team direct you where you need to be.

Workshop runs from 10am to 1pm

Artist Website: www.malcolm-cudmore.com