Plein Air Painting Workshop Malcolm Cudmore (Artwaves19)

21 June only

Plein Air Painting Workshop

Malcolm Cudmore

Plus FREE ENTRY to the Paint Out competition

Workshop Description
Join returning Derwent registered artist Malcolm Cudmore for a full day drawing and painting workshop to brush up your skills before our returning Paint Out competition.

Experience the challenge (and banish the fear!) of painting outside directly from the subject. Malcolm will cover the whole business of drawing and painting "en plein air" - in the tradition of urban and landscape painters such as Corot, Constable, Turner and many of the Impressionists.

In the last decade, there has been a fantastic growth in the number of painters who have discovered the unique pleasure of capturing time and place by painting outside. He'll explain his own preferred materials and equipment, choice of colours for a limited palette, where to start, capturing skies, composition, perspective and many other topics. This is a highly practical workshop aimed to giving "workable" advice and techniques for working rapidly and directly from the subject.

We'll work quite small and Malcolm will focus on techniques for working with oil paints. Many of the techniques, however, will be suitable for those who would rather just draw or use other "opaque" media (pastel, acrylic, gouache etc.). Depending on the weather, we hope that some time will be spent outside in the immediate vicinity of the Spa building.

This workshop will provide a great "rehearsal" for the Paint Out competition on the following day (during which, Malcolm will be doing a public demonstration of his own painting techniques at the harbour). Outdoor painting can be quite addictive. Prepare to catch the habit!

About The Artist
Malcolm returned seriously to art in the late 1990s after a varied career path (including musician, community artist, actor, arts administrator and consultant, sign maker and, finally, professional magician since 1989!).

Starting with adult evening classes and then a part time Foundation Course at Stafford College. He stayed here to complete a two year Fine Art HND (Distinction). Following this, he was asked to be the college's resident Fine Art practitioner and, later, a sessional tutor.

Although he still works as an entertainer from time to time, he is concentrating on his work as an artist. He describes himself as, 'a figurative artist who aims to work (where possible) from direct observation. I paint in oils and draw in pastels, charcoal and coloured pencils. Occasionally, I stray into three dimensions with small sculptures and handmade boxes.'

What you need to bring with you

  • Lightweight easel and paint box.
  • Folding stool or chair if required.
  • A small number of paints and brushes, rags and brush cleaner (with secure lid).
  • A couple of small painting panels (no bigger than A4) or oil painting paper block.

A recommended list of materials and equipment will be sent to all participants. The artist will be happy to advise about equipment prior to the workshop.

Please also check that you are able to comfortably carry all your chosen equipment/materials on your own (shopping trolleys are perfectly acceptable) without help - including a wet painting panel!

Workshop runs from 10am to 4.00pm

Please come to the foyer area of the Spa 15 minutes before the workshop start time to help the ArtWaves team direct you where you need to be.

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