The Milligan Papers

09 November only
at Spotlight Theatre

The Milligan Papers

Hambledon Productions are celebrating 100 years of Spike Milligan with this spirited revival of the celebrated The Milligan Papers, written by his longstanding collaborator John Antrobus.

Chockfull of zany, Milliganesque humour, incorporating wordplay, puns, surrealism and absurdism,this unabashed, fresh and vibrant salute to one of the all time geniuses of British comedy sees the original scripts updated and adapted for a modern day audience.

Revel in a hilarious take on the parable of Jonah and the Whale, that "cake"elusive Pimpernel and the incredible case of the vanishing Flying Scotsman. All this – and less! in The Milligan Papers.

Performed by three comically skilled actors taking on a long list of madcap characters, plus live sound effects, this is an exciting tour-de force of timeless, nonstop laughs.