The Winter's Tale - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

04 October only
Screened at Spotlight Theatre
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The Winter's Tale

The Globe Theatre

screened at Spotlight Theatre

Considered either as a comedy or a romance, Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale contains his most famous and challenging stage direction: 'Exit, pursued by a bear'.

The plot story moves between King Leontes' court in Sicilia and Bohemia.

The complications arise from King Leontes' and his Queen's friendly attentions to the visiting King of Bohemia.

In a trial the Oracle of Delphi declares the queen guiltless but the King still banishes her.

Their young son, Mamillius dies of grief but the Queen's newborn baby daughter, Perdita, is rescued from death by a Bohemian shepherd who raises her as his daughter.

There is a long time lapse of sixteen years between the Queen's banishment and the delayed happy ending which has a few surprises.