Teechers - Spotlight Drama

26 June to 30 June
By John Godber. ADULTS ONLY - contains strong language.

Teechers by John Godber - Spotlight Drama

Spotlight Theatre

Adults only - contains strong language

Teechers by John Godber, written in 1984 and published in 1985 was first performed at the 1987 Edinburgh Festival.

Fast-moving and highly entertining, Teechers evokes life at a modern school.

Gail, Hobby and Salty, three fifth form students, through their end of term play, tell the hilarious story of an idealistic new teacher in his perilous first days..

They review the new drama teacher's progress through two terms of recalcitrant classes, cynical colleagues and obstructive caretakers.

Disillusioned, he departs for a safer private school.