One Day I'll Fly Away

22 June to 26 June
Spotlight Drama Production
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One Day I'll Fly Away

at Spotlight Theatre

Kylie is a nineteen year old woman who has been given three hundred hours community service to do at a nursing home for the elderly. Here she meets Nora, an embittered elderly widow who has no time or compassion for people she finds inferior or lacking in moral or virtuous conduct.

Nora and Kylie start off their relationship with mutual comic sarcasm and dislike, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that although in different ways, they are both walking down the same path of self-destruction. Their relationship slowly evolves, but they don't realise how much alike they really are.

The play is full of humour, pathos and sentimentality, leaving you not knowing whether you should be laughing or crying.

Throw in missing false teeth, a domestic with an acute addiction to gossip, a canny old lady who has had a stroke, together with two nurses who are in complete denial about their feelings for one another, and you're in for a night of pure theatre.

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