Steam Punk After Dark

18 June
Featuring Mr B, Wight Hot Pipes & Madam Zuri Arossa
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Steam Punk After Dark

Featuring Mr B, Wight Hot Pipes & Madam Zuri Arossa

Wight Hot Pipes
With a prime slot on the Glastonbury Croissant Neuf Stage in 2019 (where Ed Sheeran made his Glastonbury debut), and their album 'Any Time It Rains' released in June 19, Wight Hot Pipes are really making their mark. Hailing from the musically-creative shores of the Isle of Wight, Wight Hot Pipes are an internationally acclaimed six-piece band who commanded a standing ovation at the BBKing Club in Broadway Manhattan in 2017.
Diverse and eclectic, Wight Hot Pipes deliver a mix of musical genres which fuse in their melodic melting pot to create an exhilarating cocktail of flavours; spanning the entire spectrum from celtic all the way through to contemporary dance and gritty rock. With original pennings and covers including 'Starlight' and 'Galway Girl' the album, 'Any Time It Rains' is a 13-track collection that will leave you feeling energised and invigorated.
But it's the sheer twist of bagpipes within their instrumental line-up that kicks the roof out of every venue they play. This, combined with the genius talent of lead singer, Tori, that give WHP absolute stand-out. Thought you knew bagpipes - think again! Wight Hot Pipes just brought the pipes smashing into rock music with an edgy attitude that ignites the room and whips up nothing short of euphoria. Their image and sound screams out from the sea of other bands, and Wight Hot Pipes are carving an indelible print onto the experiential journey of their ever-growing audience - once seen and heard, the charisma and the band is never forgotten. Wight Hot Pipes have taken piping to the next level - the Wight Hot Pipes revolution is coming, embrace it!

Madam Zuri Arossa
Madam Zuri Arossa as Mistress of Ceremonies with fun, frou-frou, feathers and fabulous burlesque routines aplenty combining grace, style and panache with wonderful stage presence.


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