Shirley Valentine

22 February to 27 February
at Spotlight Theatre. Not suitable for under 16s.
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Shirley Valentine

  • Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine, is a one-character play in the form of a monologue. Shirley Bradshaw is a bored, middle-aged housewife, trapped in a stale, loveless marriage.
  • Her children are all grown up and she frequently talks to the wall in her kitchen while preparing her husband's regular evening meal of chips and egg.
  • Shirley feels stuck in a rut and finds solace in her daily glass of wine as she muses over the lack of excitement in her life.
  • When suddenly her best friend asks her to go to Greece with her for 2 weeks, Shirley jumps at the chance with a mix of exhilaration and jittery nerves. Finally, she is living the life she has dreamed of and rediscovers the self-confidence she has lost and the Shirley Valentine of her youth.
  • This wonderful comedy is sure to lift your hearts and brighten your day.

  • Not suitable for people under 16 years of age as it contains strong language and sexual references.

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