Joe Shute Forecast A Diary of The Lost Seasons

23 October
Best Sellers Day @ The Memorial Hall. Joe Shute in conversation with Paul Hughes.
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Joe Shute: Forecast: A Diary of The Lost Seasons

Best Sellers Day

Author and Senior Staff Feature Writer at the Telegraph, Joe Shute has pored over the
literature, art and music our weather systems have inspired and trawled through centuries of established folklore to discover the curious customs and rituals we have created in response to the seasons. But in recent years Shute has discovered a curious thing: the British seasons are changing far faster and far more profoundly than we realise. Daffodils in December, frogspawn in November and summers so hot wildfires rampage across the northern moors.

Shute has travelled all over Britain discovering how our seasons are warping, causing havoc with nature and affecting all our lives. This book aims to bridge the void between our cultural expectation of the seasons and what they are actually doing. This talk promises to be a fascinating, essential exploration into the climate of our beloved country.

Tickets are £7 per Event, or you can buy a Best Sellers Day Ticket for £18 and this event is included along with : Stacey Halls - Mrs England : Christy Lefteri - Songbirds.

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