Hand Embroidered Landscapes - Louise Goult (Artwaves 2021)

02 March
ONLINE WORKSHOP. Join artist Louise for this 3 hour workshop exploring textiles.
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Hand Embroidered Landscapes

Louise Goult

Artwaves 2021


Workshop Description

Join artist Louise for this 3 hour workshop exploring textiles. During this workshop you will be using a variety of fabrics and hand embroidery stitches to create a landscape or seascape The session will explore how to select, piece and layer fabrics to create the background for the landscape. The details will then be built up with stitch and embellishments to complete your work.

About The Artist

Louise is a textile artist whose work is inspired by people and relationships, often focusing on memories of times together and places visited.

She creates pieces of conceptual work that contain a narrative, with the use of fabric and materials central to the work. These materials are used to convey the story or feeling behind the work - she views it to be essential that the materials used are there for a purpose and to further enrich the piece.

Required Materials
  • Embroidery scissors and needles of various sizes
  • a basic sewing kit if you have one
  • If you have an image of a landscape or seascape that you would like to recreate or any fabrics or threads you would like to include in your work then please feel free to bring these with you.

Workshop runs from 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Artist Website:


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