Painting Glass & Metal in Watercolour - Diana Boanas (Artwaves 2020)

26 May
Learn how to use variation of line and tonal values to describe transparent and shiny objects in watercolour. Aimed at those with some watercolour experience.
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Painting Glass and Metal in Watercolour

Diana Boanas

Artwaves 2020

About The Workshop
After scooping up awards in our very own Open Exhibition we are extremely happy to welcome artist Diana Boanas to the festival as a workshop leader in 2020.

Participants will learn how to use variation of line and tonal values to describe transparent and shiny objects in watercolour.

This workshop is aimed at artists who have some watercolour experience, will take the form of two exercises and is based on tonal values rather than specific colour.

If you have a little or a lot of watercolour experience, come and spend an enjoyable two hours discovering techniques for painting convincing textures. We will explore the mixing and layering of dark colours, which will bring your work to life.

About The Artist
Diana Boanas is an award winning, virtually self taught artist, returning to painting following a full time teaching career based in Hull.

In her teaching, art and creativity was a platform to enhance and encourage learning, self expression and confidence in students of all ages and abilities. Her passion and enthusiasm reaped many rewards both for herself and her students.

40 years on, she says now is the time to become self indulgent in the exploration and development of her own artwork.

'Experimenting with a variety of mediums is exciting, and I find myself leaning towards watercolour as my favourite, because of its beautiful translucency and somewhat unpredictable and defiant nature. Exploring the paint and its endless possibilities provokes wonderful inner contentment with powerful emotions arising from describing objects ,places and events in an infinite combination of planned and unintentional watercolour marks.

My painting style is an extension of my personality with areas of tight, controlled brush strokes contrasting with braver ,expressive , sweeping mark making, painted with large brushes and copious amounts of water splashed on in semi controlled freedom.'

What you need to bring with you
  • Good quality watercolour paper
  • Drawing boardpadbook (approx A4 size or larger sheet can be divided into several working areas)
  • Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Indigo and or French Ultramarine , Alizarin Crimson and a basic variety of primary watercolours
  • Large round brush size 10 or larger, a 5 or 6 round and a rigger or finer sized watercolour brush
  • Kitchen roll
  • Water container
  • Mixing palette
  • Drawing equipment

There will be paper available if required.

Workshop runs from 10am - 12pm

Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop start time to help the ArtWaves team direct you to where you need to be.

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