Amazing Coastal Sunsets - Catherine E Inglis (Artwaves 2021)

04 March
ONLINE WORKSHOP. Join a returning award winning artist Catherine Inglis in a full day workshop exploring coastal sunsets.
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Amazing Coastal Sunsets

Catherine E Inglis

Artwaves 2021


Join returning award winning artist Catherine Inglis in a full day workshop exploring coastal sunsets.

About The Workshop
Attendees will receive a short demonstration from the artist before the practical session illustrating how light falls and reflects on the sea. Pastels can be worked to create amazing results and students will learn how to master the techniques for these critical areas in seascapes.

Tips and tricks will be given throughout to understand the types of pastels to use, importance of using tonal values, colour selection and various pastel techniques to help you produce a fantastic masterpiece in one day.

About The Artist
An award winning artist Catherine works predominantly in soft pastels with a wide variety of subjects and is well known for her wildlife work. She specialises in commission work for portraits and animal portraits.

She has regularly exhibited in the Westminster Gallery and The Mall Galleries London, also with The Kennel Club Art Gallery, London. She exhibits widely throughout the U.K. and has held several joint and solo exhibitions. Elected to full membership of the Society of Women Artists she has won several awards. The Frank Herring & Son Award and Jacksons Peoples Choice Award in 2011 at the Society's Celebratory 150th SWA exhibition held in the Mall Galleries London. Following in 2014 with the presentation of The Windsor & Newton Fine Art Award at the SWA annual exhibition in The Mall Galleries.

Her work hangs in many areas of the UK, also China, Europe, South Africa, Australia and the USA. She is included in Who's Who in Art.

Catherine is a founder member of ERA, East Riding Artists and a Promoter and Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists for which she is also a demonstrator.
One and two day pastel workshops at held at her studio with weekly pastel classes for all abilities in Bishop Wilton.

Please have with you:

  • A board to take an A 3 size paper at least!
  • An easel, table or free standing - best to work upright with pastels
  • An old tea towel for keeping the hands clean
  • An old oil painting brush and a putty rubber (to get rid of any mistakes, pastel is very forgiving)
  • WHITE Pastel Pencil for dark sandpaper or a DARKER colour for mid tone paper
  • Paper - Catherine will be using a Dark Grey 800p sand paper. If using other pastel paper, it must have a good tooth. Recommended is Canson Mi Teintes Pastel paper with a neutral, mid tone.
  • Pastels -Soft pastels but not any oil pastels (Catherine will be using mostly Unison pastels).
  • You will need a range of suitable colours with some bright pastels as well as good darks.
  • You will have a reference photo provided if you wish to use it.
  • Sennelier dark purple 478
  • A set of Conte pastels is useful

Workshop runs from 10am - 4pm

Artist Website:


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