Der Fliegende Hollander Met Opera NY

14 March
Screened at Spotlight Theatre
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Der Fliegende Hollander

Screened at Spotlight Theatre

The setting is a Norwegian Fishing Village in the Eighteenth Century.

Richard Wagner's opera tells the myth of the Flying Dutchman (sung by Evgeny Nikitin), a ghostly sailor condemned to wander for all eternity, who sets foot on land every seven years to search for a bride who can bring him peace.

In a small Norwegian fishing village he encounters Senta, a young woman obsessed with his legend.

Can the power of true love break the curse and end his suffering?

Premiered in1843 it is a breathtaking story of sacrifice, punctuated with raging monologues, dizzying duets, rousing choruses and accompanied by an orchestra that is much more than a background for the voices, acting as a full-fledged player in the drama.

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