Bridlington Spa has been refurbished and repurposed to be a fully accessible, multifunction venue, offering a selection of assisted events during the year, including relaxed and British Sign Language (BSL) signed performances.

The following information should help you to plan but if you require any other information, or want to talk through your visit please call our friendly team on (01262) 678258 and select option 9.


Parking is available at Langdale Wharf Harbour Car Park located 300 metres north of Bridlington Spa. Alternatively, there is both pay-and-display and free on-street parking on South Marine Drive south of the venue.

Please note, there are two car parks at Langdale Wharf, be sure to purchase your ticket from the correct machine.

There are eight disabled bays on the Promenade, accessed via the slip road north of Bridlington Spa. They offer both stepped and step-free access to the building however, step-free access requires users to return to the top of the inclined slip road then turn left and walk along South Marine Drive to the main entrance at the south end of the venue.

If you think you may require help getting from your vehicle please contact us before the event and we will do our utmost to help however; we may not be able to provide prompt assistance for some very large events.

Drop Off Zone

You may drop passengers off at the kerbside in front of Bridlington Spa's main entrance but you must not leave your vehicle unattended. This provision is to allow passengers to disembark before going to park the vehicle elsewhere.

The same area can be used for collection at the end of an event but waiting vehicles should not cause unnecessary obstruction to the flow of traffic. If this happens, then please drive around the block and return or move to a safer location.

For some events you may not be able to park directly outside of the main entrance for safety and security reasons.

Guides and Assistance

Our friendly Front of House team are always happy to help if you are experiencing difficulties. If you have a visual impairment or difficulty in negotiating a busy space our team members are ready and waiting to be your guide.

Wheelchair Users

Whilst our website does not currently support the sale of wheelchair spaces, you can book spaces for wheelchairs by calling the box office on (01262) 678258 and choosing option 1 or by visiting Bridlington Spa.

Royal Hall

For seated concerts and events, we are generally able to remove a seat from the dance floor for a wheelchair user to sit; usually ends of aisles and seats next to aisles. This effectively opens all seat bands up to wheelchair users. There will be some restrictions to this approach if the event is cabaret-style at tables. Please let the box office staff know if you will be using a wheelchair; especially if you use a larger or taller wheelchair as we will need to prepare for your arrival and ensure you have the space and access you need.

For Balcony seating in the Royal Hall, there are a limited number of wheel chair spaces located on Balcony row C.

For unreserved events in the Royal Hall, such as events where you do not have an allocated seat, please contact the box office in advance so we can reserve a space for your comfort.

For unreserved, standing concerts there is a lot for you to consider. The capacity of the venue is 3,800; which means it will appear crowded. It can be dark, hot, sweaty and in some places obstructive. It is exactly how standing concerts were years ago. People will be carrying drinks through the crowd and you will almost certainly be jostled. Most customers absolutely adore the atmosphere of this kind of gig; but some may find it uncomfortable. Whilst the Royal Hall has a cooling system, it is impossible to cool and dehumidify the space completely - Bridlington Spa is not an arena venue with acres of ceiling space and huge volumes of fresh air - please bear this in mind.

It is very important therefore that we understand the specific needs of disabled customers before they attend a standing concert and it is vital that customers understand the restrictions that these types of events impose on everyone attending. Please call the box office to have a chat about your specific needs so we can give you guidance and determine how we can effectively plan for your visit. The box office can be contacted during office hours on (01262) 678258.


There are between three and eight wheelchair spaces in the Stalls (downstairs) of the theatre dependent on the configuration in use for a specific performance. There are a further four wheelchair spaces in the Circle (upstairs). The Circle will generally not be made available for sale until sufficient tickets have sold in the Stalls.

On rare occasions; usually for very busy shows, it may not always be possible for a wheelchair user to have a carer or companion sitting next to them due to the needs of other wheelchair users. In these circumstances, companions or carers will be provided with seats as close as possible to the wheelchair user.

Wheelchair Transfers

We are happy to help any customer who chooses to arrive by wheelchair but then transfer to a standard seat. We will look after your wheelchair during the performance and return it to you at the end (or at the interval, if required).

Mobility Scooters

We are unable to transport mobility scooters in the venue's lifts hence they cannot be taken into the Theatre or Royal Hall Stalls (or the Royal Hall Balcony at Standing Concerts). We provide manual wheelchairs and assistance for customers to transfer and scooters can be left with our Front of House team in the foyer during the show.

Authorised Carer Ticket Scheme

Bridlington Spa is delighted to offer free-of-charge tickets to the carers of our disabled customers. You can register on the scheme by providing a copy of the first page of your Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment letter. This copy can be a photocopy or a photograph from a smartphone, as long as the information is clearly legible. Once registered you will have access to a free-of-charge carer's ticket for any show you are also attending until the expiry date of your letter.

Our box office computer system cannot provide carer's tickets to anyone who is not pre-registered for this scheme. It is important to remember this if you intend to buy tickets on the night.

If you want to buy tickets, including a free-of-charge carer's ticket, for a show that will sell out quickly but you are not pre-registered then our box office will reserve tickets for you for a limited time, pending completion of your registration process.

Carers' tickets must be collected from the box office no earlier than two hours before the specific event and they are not transferrable. As the cared-for person, if you decide not to attend the event or show then the carers' ticket is immediately null and void.

Assistance Dogs

You are welcome to bring your assistance dog into Bridlington Spa, its café, bars and performance spaces. Please inform the box office when booking so that appropriate seats; with space for the assistance dog, can be made available.

Relaxed Performances

Bridlington Spa offers a limited number of relaxed performances each year. These shows are adapted for customers with a range of disabilities including those on the autistic spectrum. For these performances, the auditorium will never be dark; with the house-lights set at 25% throughout. Any strobe lights, pyrotechnical effects or loud bangs will be removed and a chill-out room will be available for those needing or wanting to leave the auditorium.

Relaxed performances are not limited to those with disabilities and are open to all customers.

British Sign Language Interpreted Performances (signed shows)

Bridlington Spa is a member of Signed Performance in Theatre (SPiT) and offers a limited number of signed performances each year. These shows are indicated by a double-hand symbol in our brochure, printed leaflets and online.

To be closest to the BSL Interpreter for most shows in the theatre we recommend booking tickets with higher seat numbers on rows in the Stalls as the interpreter will almost always be located on that side of the stage. If purchasing online, then this would be seats on the right-hand side of the Theatre Stalls plan.

Some shows may need the BSL Interpreter to be located in a different position on stage. If this happens, it will be noted on the show description online or you will be informed when booking tickets. Please ensure that you mention to the box office that you have chosen a specific performance for the BSL interpretation and you will be guided to the correct seat choice to meet your needs.

Anything Else

This is not an exhaustive list of our accessibility options. If you would like to discuss your needs, worries or concerns then please give us a ring. We want you to have a great time visiting us.

You can call the box office on (01262) 678258 option 1 or the Management Office on (01262) 678258 option 9. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at


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