At Bridlington Spa we are committed to making the venue as welcoming and accessible as possible, for everyone. Please use the menu options to find out more about the facilities available and to help you plan your visit.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via the Box Office: 01262 678258, or via the Contact Us page.

Access in the venue


Bridlington Spa does not offer on-site parking.

There are 3 pay & display car parks within 10 minutes walking distance of the venue. The nearest is Langdale Wharf.

Alternatively, there is on-street parking close to the venue.

There are a small number of disabled bays down the slipway north of Bridlington Spa. They offer both stepped and step-free access to the building; step-free access requires users to return to the top of the inclined slip road, turning left and along South Marine Drive to the main entrance to the south end of the venue.

Drop Off/Pick up Zone

You may drop passengers off at the kerbside in front of Bridlington Spa's main entrance, but you must not leave your vehicle unattended. This provision is to allow passengers to disembark before going to park the vehicle elsewhere. This area can also be used for collection at the end of an event. Vehicles should not cause unnecessary obstruction to the flow of traffic or the egress of customers.

For certain large capacity events you will not be able to drop/pick up directly outside of the main entrance for safety and security reasons.

Building access

There is level access through one set of automatic sliding doors from the street level on South Marine Drive.

Once through the main entrance/foyer, the first left is access in to Sessions, your second left is access to the Royal Hall balcony, and opposite to your right there is a lift which takes you to the Theatre Circle, and one further level below to the Theatre Stalls and Royal Hall floor.

Wheelchair access

Theatre - There are three wheelchair spaces in the Stalls, towards the back of the Theatre. The Circle has an additional four wheelchair spaces, which are highlighted to the left of the stage on the seating plan. For customers who have been set up with the online access booking facility, wheelchair spaces are identified with the universal wheelchair symbol and essential companion seats are identified with the letter C.

Booking Access Tickets Online If you regularly require a wheelchair space, best view of caption screens/BSL interpreter or require an essential companion to attend the theatre, we would love to show you how to book access tickets/discounts online, yourself. Click here for instructions on how to book. For Standing Unreserved Concerts in the Royal Hall please contact the box office in advance to organise ‘Priority Access’.

It may not always be possible for a wheelchair user to have a carer or companion sitting next to them due to the needs of other wheelchair users. In these circumstances, companions or carers will be provided with seats as close as possible to the wheelchair user.

Wheelchair Transfers Customers who choose to arrive by wheelchair and then transfer into a standard seat may leave their wheelchair/scooter outside the auditorium during the performance. Bridlington Spa cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur to wheelchairs being left unattended. Please be aware that some seats can only be accessed by stairs.

Mobility Scooters

We are unable to facilitate the use of mobility scooters in the venue's lifts hence they cannot be taken into the auditoriums.

We provide a limited number of manual wheelchairs for customers to transfer from mobility scooters. Scooters can be left in the foyer of the venue during the show. Bridlington Spa cannot be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur to unattended mobility scooters.

Standing Unreserved Concerts

The capacity of the venue is 3,800; which means it can appear crowded. It can be dark, hot and loud and some may find it uncomfortable.

Bridlington Spa is a historic building not an arena venue. It does not have high ceilings and air conditioning - please bear this in mind.

To discuss your specific needs and ‘Priority Access’ contact the Box Office on 01262 678258.

Access Toilets

There is one access toilet immediately to the right through the main entrance, and an access toilet can be found in every toilet section around the venue.

Authorised Carer Ticket Scheme

Bridlington Spa is delighted to offer free-of-charge tickets to the carers of our customers with disabilities.

To register for the Authorised Carer Ticket Scheme, the cared-for person must provide proof of disability.

Valid forms of proof are:

  • Providing a copy of the first page of your Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment letter. This copy can be a photocopy or a photograph from a smartphone, as long as the information is clearly legible, or

  • the Access Card from The Access Card and its associated symbols are recognised by Bridlington Spa. When registering for the Authorised Carer Ticket via The Access Card, you are authorising Bridlington Spa to verify that the information is correct.

Once registered you will have access to a free-of-charge carer's ticket for any show you are also attending until the expiry date of your letter or Access Card. When it is near expiry, you can provide proof again to extend your registration.

Our box office computer system cannot provide carer's tickets to anyone who is not pre-registered for this scheme. It is important to remember this if you intend to buy tickets on the night.

If you want to buy tickets, including a free-of-charge carer's ticket, for a show that will sell out quickly but you are not pre-registered then our box office will reserve tickets for you for a limited time, pending completion of your registration process.

As the cared-for person, if you decide not to attend the event or show then the carers' ticket is immediately null and void. A different carer can accompany the cared-for person each time a ticket is requested. Only one ticket per show can be requested.

Only one discounted or free carer/companion ticket can be applied to any given ticket. These tickets do not apply to packages and ancillary items or services.

If you require any additional tickets, these can be purchased at full price outside of the carer/companion scheme.

Carer/companion tickets are subject to availability and they may not be available via agents and third party ticketing outlets. Where Bridlington Spa is the ticketing agent for other venues or events that we do not own or manage it is the other venue or event organisers own policies that may apply and you should refer to their own conditions of sale.

We reserve the right to review, amend or withdraw the carer/companion scheme if the customers eligibility changes or if the scheme is judged to have been misused.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dog are welcome at Bridlington Spa. Please inform the box office when booking.

Anything else

This is not an exhaustive list of our accessibility options. If you would like to discuss your needs, worries or concerns then please give us a ring. We want you to have a great time visiting us.

You can call the box office on (01262) 678258 option 1 or the Management Office on (01262) 678258 option 9. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at


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